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About Us

Welcome to Hi Jumper, we are a super awesome online sweatshirts clothing brand for grown ups and kids.

Hi Jumper was an idea that came to us at Christmas 2018. We thought the jumpers that my nephews were wearing were incredible. They were fun, looked comfy and my nephews actually enjoyed wearing them. 

We wanted to create a brand that children and adults alike would love and for our jumpers to always be their favourite item of clothing. Let's be honest, us adults have slightly forgotten our childhood. What we do remember though is that we all think that dinosaurs are awesome, robots are cool, monsters can be friendly and fire engines are the best. 

Hi Jumper is a brand where kids can match their clothes with the grown ups or as we prefer to say grown ups can match their clothes with kids. 

This is the main reason why Hi Jumper is here. We wanted to bring all those memories back and really just make growing up fun again. 

Please get in touch if you have any feedback, ideas for future jumpers or just a nice little message saying hi.

Drop us an email at hello@hijumper.co.uk.